Mr. Mittens

I am so glad Mr. Mittens has gotten your interest!

This website will introduce you to each of his books and all the fun activities inside each one.

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Mr Mittens Full Body

Book 1

Mr Mittens Book 1

Mr. Mittens' Magical Mittens

  • What was special about Mr. Mittens?
  • How did Mr. Mittens get his white mittens?
  • What is special about you?
  • Does someone in your family have something special about them that you like?
  • Do you have a friend that has something special about them that you really like?
  • Everyone has at least one special thing about them. How can YOUR special thing make the world a better place?

Book 2

Mr Mittens Book 2

Mr. Mittens: Dreams Come True!

  • In what ways were Mr. Mittens and Buddy different?
  • In what ways were Mr. Mittens and Buddy alike?
  • Why do you think Buddy grew to like Mr. Mittens?
  • Have you met people different from you that you like?
  • What things do you like about them?
  • What was Mr. Mittens' dream?
  • What was Buddy's dream?
  • Do you have a dream, too?
  • Did the people at the animal sanctuary take good care of the animals?
  • Why do you think we need animal sanctuaries?
  • Do you think God had a good plan for Mr. Mittens?
  • Do think God has a good plan for your life, too?

Book 3

Mr Mittens Book 3

Mr. Mittens: Saving Christmas!

  • Who really "saved" Christmas? (Hint: it wasn't Mittens, Santa or Buddy! The answer is in the scripture verse!)
  • How did Mittens and Buddy manage to pull Santa's heavy sleigh?
  • Do you sometimes feel like you are too small to do something important?
  • What did Mittens, Buddy and Santa do when they were worried?
  • It's a good thing that Mittens and Buddy stayed to encourage Santa, isn't it?
  • Who can you help this Christmas?
Bob's Granddaughter Love Mr Mittens


Musical Grandpa

My granddaughter, Sophia, thoroughly enjoyed reading the stories about Mr Mittens & singing the accompanying songs. In fact, with sheet music, Sofia can now play all the songs on the piano!

Happy Readers

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